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Kylie a 1996 NJ Pajero was a $5,500 impulse purchase when we first arrived in Australia. I had always dreamed of owning my own truck and wanting to make the most of our new Aussie lifestyle decided that we had to have a 4X4.  The name was as impulsive as the purchase. Soph asked  me what was a good Aussie female name for the car, and before i’d even had a chance to think, ‘Kylie’ leapt out of my mouth and that is what she has been known as ever since.

By all accounts she was a very tired 14-year-old with 245,000klm’s on the clock. Not much on her worked well or at all. I set to work fixing up what i could and so began my affair with Kylie. She opened our eyes to the spirit of adventure and the love of the outdoors, taking us to the most incredible places across Australia and allowing us to see and do more than most people we know.

It really was Kylie that sparked the idea of doing a bigger overland adventure, we thought we already have the means to do it,so why not? For most people its the other way round in that the idea of the trip comes first and then the car is purchased. I’m sure many people will think we’re mad to consider doing this trip, in this car – no it’s not your typical Troopy, so parts will be harder to come by- but it’s tough and durable proven by several Dakar Rally wins. So hopefully with all the preparation and work we’ve done on Kylie to restore her she will get us home to the UK.

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