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Live Tracking & Route

Yay our GPS tracker is now working again please click this the tracker below to see where we are…..


Click the tracker image to see where we are…….


Our actual route  across Africa as of the 03/12/13


New Picture



The map below is an actual route through Australia.

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  1. John Leyland #

    Hi guys, look like you have an awesome trip planned. My wife and I drove the Africa section of your trip in 2010 in our Landrover and I can thoroughly recommend it! We skipped Libya and Tunisia by taking the Visemar Ferry but we see that it has now been cancelled indefinately!

    We know live in Brisbane and still have our LR and will maybe do the Austrailian leg of your trip some time soon.

    Good luck!


    • Good to hear from you John – it’s amazing how many people have done the journey, and everyone says how amazing it is.
      North Africa looks like it will be the trickiest part of the trip, so we’ll need to keep a close eye on events up there. The plan
      is to take a ferry from Port Said to Turkey -fingers crossed it’s still running by the time we get there!

  2. james Playll #

    Morgs, Make sure you pop into our house when you go around the M25. The A1 up towards Boston can be a long and scary nightmare :o)

  3. when do you think you’ll be in south africa????

    • Hi stesi7478, we ship from Perth on Wednesday next week so our car will be a month at sea. We fly into Durban on the 16th of June and will wait there for the car.

  4. Wow that trip looks great! We are planning the same trip through Africa, only with a few more trucks. Would be very interested in how central and eastern Africa is in regards to safety. Kind regards and best of luck!!!


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