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On the 21st December 2013, we finally completed our challenge of driving our 17 year old Mitsubishi Pajero from Sydney to London (well technically Swansea). The trip took us 255 days, through 21 countries covering 40,539kmls.

It’s hard to believe that it’s all over, but as we settle back into normal life, nothing will ever take away what we have achieved over the last 18months. We took a dream and made it happen – we were not travel experts, we knew nothing about overlanding and neither of us had ever been to Africa before. It was simply two people, one old truck, one idea and an unmeasurable amount of desire to do something different. It was the most challenging thing we’ve ever done, regularly pushing us way out of our comfort zones, and yet the reward for doing so was endless amounts of incredible and life-changing experiences – memories that will stay with us forever. If we could do it all again, we would!

And in the wise words of Rich Morgan – ‘Dream big, aim high and at least once in your life just do something that ‘People’ say you can’t.’

Last day in Sydney - First day of the adventure. April 11, 2013

Last day in Sydney – First day of the adventure. April 11, 2013

We bloody did it! Tower Bridge London

We bloody did it! Tower Bridge London – 20 December 2013

The completed route

The completed route

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  1. Fantastic guys! I have only just seen this.

  2. Congratulations on a fantastic trip.

    Overland greetings,
    Arno & Elize

    • Thank you guys,lovely to hear from you! How are you both and where are you now?x

      • We are at home in Mossel Bay. We are very well thank you. What are you guys going to do now? We are going to help out at Mountain Breeze Campsite near Stellenbosch from May to August and willnthen de ide what, where and when:-):-) We are so glad to hear that you were thankfully safe after the Nairobi ordealX-( There was also an incident when we camp at JJ’s in July at the old campsite but luckily the criminals could not get in the compound. Scary stuff!!<3

  3. we okey ! from turbi nomadic girls friends!

    • So glad to hear from you, glad you and the girls are ok! How is life in Turbi?

      • mamo #

        we are good with our life here at turbi .our girls are enjoying learning literacy and numeracy. they are in boarding. wonderful little angels.receive their greetings they always pray for their friends like you .

      • How are our friends at Turbi? Hope you are all safe and well. We think of you often x

  4. Delighted to have adventurous new neighbours. Impressive journey.

    • Cheers Martin, need to organise some drinks soon and we can tell you all about it!


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