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Giving something back

As part of our adventure, we feel it’s important to give something back and so have chosen a charity that we want to support – Against Malaria Foundation

The Against Malaria foundation is a charity that stood out for us, due it’s simple, yet cost effective strategy for saving lives. Simply put, a mosquito net can save a life – malaria is a completely preventable disease, yet over 1 million people die from it every year.  The AMF raise money to buy mosquito nets, which are then distributed across Africa – each net is carefully monitored and tracked to ensure that it reaches the people who need them. Unfortunately many charities struggle to ensure the proceeds reach the right destination and so the effective distribution &  follow up process that AMF have established ensures the nets get to where they’re needed.

We hope to get involved with AMF and join up with the distribution teams in Malawi – but before we can help with the distribution – WE NEED YOUR HELP TO BUY NETS!! Each net only costs about US$4 – lasts around 4years and can protect 2 people. It would be amazing to get to Malawi knowing we’ve funded a truck load of nets, that will save many lives  🙂

Please help us to raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause, by clicking on the link below



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