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Help us raise money for Against Malaria Foundation

So here we are in Balaka, Malawi, taking time out of our travels to lend a hand to our chosen charity, Against Malaria Foundation as they begin their next mosquito net distribution. As part of our travels, we were keen to find a way of giving something back and helping out where we could. We chose to support Against Malaria Foundation, due to its simple but very effective methods of protecting people against Malaria through the distribution of mosquito nets. Every net is carefully logged and allocated to heads of households who have registered to receive a net. The nets are then taken by distribution teams to the villages to install the nets correctly and educate people about Malaria prevention. We’re so pleased to have the opportunity to come and help out, but also to see the charity in action.

Through our fundraising page we have already raised over $1,000, which is 326 nets! However, as with all charitable efforts, we would love to raise more! So if you’ve been enjoying following our adventures, it would be great if you could show your support and take a moment to make a donation, every net counts! Just click the link below!

The most effective means of prevention of Malaria is sleeping under a mosquito net Specifically a Long-Lasting Insecticide treated Net (LLIN)

Each net costs $4/€3/£2.50
Malaria kills more than one million people every year and over half a billion fall ill:
70% of the deaths are children under 5
Malaria is the world’s single largest killer of pregnant women
90% of the deaths are in sub-Saharan Africa
Malaria is totally preventable and treatable. Nobody need die. Prevention is better than treatment.


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