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Huge thanks to our supporters and new sponsor

Within the first few weeks of ‘launching’ our blog, we’ve been overwhelmed by all the support we’ve had from everyone – the number of messages, the Face Book likes and our new blog followers has been awesome and we look forward to having you with us on our trip. It’s been such a motivator, particularly during these last few weeks which have been so intense, it keeps us driving towards our goal no matter how hard it gets….something which will become even more apparent as we get into the trip!

We’re also super excited to let you know that Sydney City Mitsubishi are a new major sponsor! We were fortunate enough to meet Cormac Smyth, the sales manager for the dealership in Sydney through the Triple Diamond Club. When he heard about the trip he was keen to help us with getting the car ‘trip ready’ and so has generously offered us the spare parts we need. We’re thankful for all the help we can get in making this trip happen –  So THANK YOU CORMAC & SYDNEY CITY MITSUBISHI!

Our New Sponsors

Our New Sponsors

So with new parts lined up to, we also have had the lovely guys at Dobinsons Springs supply us with new Torsion bars at cost. This means our suspension has Dobinson Springs & Torsion bars – something we will be very happy to have when we hit the African corrugations! Kylie is going in for her last big  service next week – so will update again on the final work.


A huge week all round – finishing packing, speaking to sponsors, set of first jabs completed, Carnet Du Passage application sorted, water system finally sussed and pump bought, getting to grips with managing a blog and social pages,  Richard tweeted for the first time (never saw that coming) and not to mention still both working full time!!  Exhausting! We’ll be much happier when the move is finally completed this weekend – we’ll be staying with our awesome friends, Rob & Laura  for our last few weeks in Sydney.

Another Weekend in the garage!

It’s Australia day weekend and while the whole of Australia has been celebrating all things Aussie, Sophie and I have been in the underground garage at No. 8 Water Street, again. I have spent most of my free time over the last two months down here getting the car ready for our adventure. I shouldn’t complain as all this work is going to to end up with us having the most amazing adventure. At least we are getting things done and I must admit I do get a great sense of achievement when a new piece is added to Kylie.

It’s raining outside and it’s certainly not a weekend for the beach. It’s the first time I haven’t minded being in the garage for the weekend. I am looking forward to going away next weekend and trying out all the new bits we have added to the car.

Today’s work is roof lights and the super water filter. I have become a bit of a 12v electrical wizard over the last few weeks. Let’s hope that the system stays functioning and that I don’t end up with a smouldering pile of ash where the electrics have shorted and burned themselves to bits. The first pair of lights go on fairly quickly and they work first time. Big smiles all round.


The new ceramic water filter to keep the nasties out of our water.


The rear roof lights.


Rear and side roof lights.


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