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Hi, the MORGANSAFARI ‘Find-me-Spot’ tracker is now up and running.  You can get to our tracking page here  LIVE TRACKING and the link directly to the ‘Find-Me-Spot’ page is here MORGAN SAFARI – Find me SPOT tracker – Live

We tested the tracker on Monday morning and it confirmed that we were on the balcony at MORGANSAFARI HQ, 8 Water Street, Birchgrove!


The Spot tracker will serve two functions. Firstly it will enable you to follow our progress live on the internet with up to date GPS position. The tracker also enables us to contact you with the following messages;

OK : We are ok, having a great time and our position is xxxxxxx

We are not OK : Things not so great, so standby just in case

SOS: Holy shit – things just got really bad – it’s time to send in the A-Team! Well an automatic message is sent to family, local and international rescue service.

Hopefully the last function doesn’t get used.

For more information on Spot Trackers and they service they offer you can go here……………



find me spot

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