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Belated congratulations

Thanks Mike – you personal journey was also inspirational to us! You have managed to get to the parts of Australia that we wish we could have seen! I guess We will have to go back one day. Thanks!

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude

Just a quick post to congratulate Richard and Sophie from Morgan Safari on their arrival in London. I met these two when we were camped next to each other on a beach in Western Australia, when they were nearing the end of the Australian leg of a Sydney to London journey (via South Africa) and I was about a third of the way through my round Australia trip.
Although I actually did more kilometres than these guys during my zig-zagging lap around Oz, most of the roads they travelled would have been a lot, lot, lot rougher and more dangerous than anything I travelled, so well done guys !
(now, have you got itchy feet yet ? started thinking about your next adventure ? LOL )
So if anybody is contemplating an overland trip through Africa, or just want some armchair adventuring, hop on over to their blog at

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Our live tracking is back up and running!!!

Hi, our live tracking is up and running again now that we are in Ethiopia and back within the Global Star  network. To see where we are please click the tracker image below or go to the ‘Live Tracking & Route’  page on the website…….


Click the image to see where we are……….

Cheers R&S

Photos page updated

Photos page updated


The Photos page has been updated with the hyperlinks to the Zimbabwe, Zambia and Milawi facebook albums. You should be able to access them without a facebook account. Please click the link above.

Photos Page Update

We have managed to update the Photos page with hyperlinks to the Facebook photo albums for each country so far. You should be able to view these even without a Facebook account. Check it out…….PHOTOS PAGE


Thanks R&S.

Updated overlander notes and route

Just a quick note to say we’ve finally had a chance to upload our travel notes and update our planned route on our blog. For anyone following a similar route, we hope there’s some useful information for you!

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