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Belated congratulations

Thanks Mike – you personal journey was also inspirational to us! You have managed to get to the parts of Australia that we wish we could have seen! I guess We will have to go back one day. Thanks!

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude

Just a quick post to congratulate Richard and Sophie from Morgan Safari on their arrival in London. I met these two when we were camped next to each other on a beach in Western Australia, when they were nearing the end of the Australian leg of a Sydney to London journey (via South Africa) and I was about a third of the way through my round Australia trip.
Although I actually did more kilometres than these guys during my zig-zagging lap around Oz, most of the roads they travelled would have been a lot, lot, lot rougher and more dangerous than anything I travelled, so well done guys !
(now, have you got itchy feet yet ? started thinking about your next adventure ? LOL )
So if anybody is contemplating an overland trip through Africa, or just want some armchair adventuring, hop on over to their blog at

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