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Electrics done!

Ok -maybe  not the most exciting of posts, but a huge milestone for us. After another long weekend for Rich,  the electrics are finally finished! If any of you have dabbled in auto-electronics you’ll realise what a feat this is -particularly when it’s all been self taught from youtube videos! We now have a triple battery set up to run 4 roof lights, interior strip LED lights, fridge, and an inverter for mains power – we will have 24hour power without flattening the main car battery.

Yep, we’re going to look like a disco in the desert!

Meanwhile, Sophie is hitting GumTree with full force – flat is starting to empty – but there’s a long way to go! Only 2 weeks left before we move out….. the to do list is never-ending!

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  1. Great! We also have only two weeks left. Exciting times… Best of luck to get the last stuff done!

    • Good luck with the last 2 weeks! we still have a little longer as we’re moving in with friends for a few weeks as our lease is up -departure date is April 10!

  2. Good job! We also have only two weeks left before departure. Best of luck getting the last things done.

  3. exactly 2 weeks for us before departure… 3 days left to pack up the house… good luck with your prep!


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